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Perhaps Unicorn

Make a Wish Unicorn Tea - 30 Day V-Tox

$19.00 $0.00

Perhaps Unicorn

Make a Wish Unicorn Tea - 30 Day V-Tox

$19.00 $0.00

Our Make a Wish Unicorn Tea 30 Day V-Tox is specially formulated in the perfect blend and ratio so that you can reduce your facial bloating, reduce water retention, boost your metabolism and reduce your cravings.

In addition our blend is so high in antioxidants that just 2 cups a day is equivalent to eating a handful of blueberries! And if you live in Unicorn land, you know berries have become quite an expensive treat for the Unicorns.

Many of our Unicorn Tea testers have noticed a much slimmer face and figure due to these mystifying effects.

  • Retail Price: $19.00
  • Number of tea bags per pack: 60 tea bags, 30 days supply
  • Tea bags are packed in a foil sealed pouch.
  • This blend is caffeine free so can be enjoyed anytime of the day
  • All our tea's are FDA approved and have low traces of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

The Story of How the Unicorns Found the Perfect Tea Blend

Unicorns everywhere have wished for an extra way to cure bloating and water retention in their faces and bodies. Who knew that after frolicking in the fields that everything they wished for was right there in front of them? In the form of a cute little puff of fluff, the modest little dandelions held the key to rid the Unicorns of all their facial bloating and swelling!

Dandelion Tea is actually a great way to combat bloating due to its diuretic properties. These effects can happen in a little less then 24 hours. How it works is that it makes you pee more often, flushing lots of toxins out of your body. In addition to the detoxifying effects, Dandelion tea also has anti-inflammatory effects that may help relieve swelling, a common symptom of inflammation. Many of our Unicorn Tea testers have noticed a much slimmer face and figure due to these mystifying effects.

But that wasn't enough for the Unicorns. They are a greedy bunch and wanted more.

So they decided to mix their Dandelions with some Cinnamon.

Not only is Cinnamon one of Unicorn's favourite spices, it has more antioxidants than almost all other spices and herbs. Just one teaspoon of ground cinnamon has as many antioxidants as 1/2 cup of blueberries!

But antioxidants aside, the Unicorns were most concerned with the ability of Cinnamon to increase and boost the metabolism by helping your digestive tract regulate and perform properly! Which is great for weight loss! This magical little spice helps your blood sugar levels stabilise meaning fewer cravings and less snacking and overeating!


Right now we are only enjoying small batches of tea and testing it amongst ourselves, but to share it with the world we need your help! Our tea makers have imposed a large order for us to meet before we can make this tea and we'd love for you to tell us if you would be interested in buying the tea so that we won't be left with many bags of lovely tea sitting around and gathering dust!

Please show your interest in the tea by purchasing this tea (we won't be taking any of your money at this stage) and checking it out. Once we have enough interest we will start making this tea and shipping it out and we will email you then to see if you'd still love the order! We'd love to get to 1,000 tea lovers before we can ship this out so please share this page with your friends!